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Get a $40 premium
lash set!

Start a Lash Subscription and Rediscover Your Confidence

UNveil Perpetual ELegance

Embark on a beauty journey with our monthly lash subscription, ensuring your lashes stay flawless all month long. Regular fill-ins mean you'll never have a dull lash day, maintaining that captivating allure effortlessly.


Cost-Efficient Beauty

Unlock exclusive savings with our monthly lash subscription. Enjoy the luxury of two fill-ins per month at a discounted rate, offering you a cost-efficient way to embrace the beauty of professionally maintained lases without breaking the bank.


Let's Get Started

Select a Service for your Monthly Subscription

You will recieve a email containg your discount code/link for your invoice to begin your Lash Subscription @ Kurrency shortly! Once it the payment has been made we will send you another email containing your coupon code/link to book your $40 Premium Lash Set!

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